Are Kratom Extracts Better Than Kratom Leaves and Powder?

Are Kratom Extracts Better Than Kratom Leaves and Powder?

Posted by Sally L. on Jul 21st 2018

While kratom leaves were traditionally used to get these effects, powder and capsules have become the most popular forms of kratom. However, kratom extracts may provide the most effective way to consume this plant.

Kratom Extracts Are More Potent

The primary advantage of taking kratom in extract form is that it is more concentrated than the other products. To create the extract, a large quantity of leaves gets boiled down. This increases the potency of the substance, allowing users to get a stronger effect from the kratom.

Kratom extracts come in a variety of strengths. 15X kratom extract is the most popular strength. However, you can get extracts up to 50 or 60 times the potency of regular kratom leaves.

Kratom Extracts Are Easier to Take

Most people do not like the taste of chewing kratom leaves. You may also dislike the process of brewing your own kratom tea or mixing kratom powder to create a drink. Kratom extracts are easier to take. You can simply use a dropper to place several drops in your mouth.

Kratom Extracts Provide Fast Results

You also get faster results with kratom extract. When you chew leaves or take the powder, your body must first break down the substance before absorbing the active properties of kratom. The effects of the extract reach your body more quickly as it is easier for your body to digest and absorb the extract.

The bottom line is that kratom extract can provide the same effects as kratom leaves or powder. However, with the extract, these effects are stronger and faster.

These advantages also make it easier to adjust the dosage of the kratom. If you want the most effective form of kratom, the extract is your best option.