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Here at Big Kratom, we take pride in offering our customers the BIGGEST selection of kratom at the BIGGEST discounts available, hence the reason we chose to name our kratom store "BIG KRATOM"! You will not find premium kratom at cheaper prices. We keep over 20+ kratom strains in stock at all times. We believe that the customer should have as many choices of kratom as they can possibly have. A certain kratom strain may not work the same from one person to the next. Having kratom options is a must!


We have green vein kratom, red vein kratom, white vein kratom, yellow vein kratom and even gold vein kratom at times. We have each color of every strain out there. Many of our strains are very rare and some are even one of a kind. Our premium kratom powder is of a micro powder consistency.


We are know for our cheap kratom prices but that's not all. The kratom effects of our products are uncomparable to any other kratom vendor's out there. We at Big Kratom take kratom quality very serious. If you are looking to buy kratom then you have found the place! We test the quality of every kratom shipment we get in before giving it the OK to be sold in our store. The reason we can offer such cheap kratom prices is because we get our kratom straight from the source, there is no middle man.


Our kratom powder comes from deep in the jungles and forests of South East Asia where it grows naturally and is also farmed on kratom plantations near the jungles. Our kratom source hand picks the kratom leaves from mature kratom trees, often time climbing high in the trees to get the best quality kratom leaves for us.


Our kratom source goes thru the entire harvest of kratom leaves and separates the kratom leaves from the stems by hand to insure that we are giving our kratom customers only the highest quality kratom possible. The majority of kratom vendors out there today skip this critically important step which results in an overall weaker kratom experience. buy kratom


After the kratom leaves have been harvested, they are placed out to dry in the sun on a large flat surface until they reach the perfect dryness. After that, the kratom leaves are sorted thru and all of the stems are removed by hand and only then are they turned into the fine micro kratom powder form that we deliver to our customers and only then do we allow our customers to buy kratom from us. We encourage our customers to compare our kratom prices and quality to any of our competitors.

One of the most spectacular and amazing things about going out to buy kratom and cheap kratom at that is that there are large or even huge communities of followers who believe in the wonderful and natural plant kratom that thrives in natural and tropical climates.
We at big kratom started this Big Kratom Shop mostly because we love kratom and whether you want to admit it or not, most people who are associated with this natural wonder of the world are the most amazing and down to earth people with huge hearts.
Have you ever wondered why people buy kratom or why people talk about kratom, good or bad? It's because it's a new plant within the United States of America that most people don't know about or just have never heard of.

Kratom powder and kratom capsules sales have grown tremendously over the past few years because people love the plant and the natural existence and purity that it seems to give.

Every single day we get to have the opportunity and privilege to communicate and chat with great people who are honestly some of the most amazing and just great souls on earth, and that is what pushes us. That is what makes us keep hope, so that we won't give up! Have a great day everyone! We love y'all!

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We are going to be the first to inform everybody that the price of kratom everywhere is about to get really high. No more cheap deals and whatever offers vendors are trying to use to leverage new business in with. The Indonesian postal service just dropped a Bomb Shell on the vendors there who supply most of the kratom to the United States. Indonesian Suppliers are scrambling trying to figure out how to ship kratom at a profit now, which is very uncertain. We at BigKratom reached out last night to 4 Top suppliers of kratom to the U.S. and they all were very worried and would not ship until they understand the new prices.

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