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Sep 8th 2018

The Benefits of Kratom Can Now be Regained as the Big Kratom Vendor is Accepting eChecks as Payment


A lot of people throughout the world use Kratom for various health purposes and there is no denying that it can help with a plethora of health issues. But as of recently, credit card companies do not allow payments for this product. Many people who need Kratom for their different health issues like pain relief or addiction recovery now have no idea where to buy Kratom. But, Big Kratom, a pioneer seller of Kratom products has come up with an alternative and has started accepting eChecks.

The sad thing is that credit card companies have marked it a ‘high risk’ product due to the botanical herb ‘Mitragyna Speciosa” that has some controversies surrounding it but has no concrete evidence of its risks. But with eChecks, Big Kratom has made it easy for people from around the globe to simply buy Kratom powder by paying instantly. Big Kratom is one of the finest Kratom vendors around the globe with a paramount priority of providing the best quality at low prices as they are inclined towards helping people. Their extensive range of Kratom products is sold at relatively lower prices than other Kratom vendors.

Many people buy Kratom powder and other Kratom products due to its miraculous benefits. It has several benefits including pain relief, lifting mood, relieving anxiety and mental fatigue, boosting cognitive functions, helping in addiction recovery, stimulating sexual and physical energy, boosting motivational levels, improving immune system performance and so on. It also contains some anti-inflammatory properties that can significantly reduce the pain that is caused due to inflammation. Now with the eCheck solution from Big Kratom, people can obtain all of these benefits.

Although credit cards have restricted people to buy Kratom powder or other Kratom products, eChecks are not any less beneficial. With eChecks, people can make instant payments, make payments worldwide, the transaction is secured as the same network is used for direct deposit, there is the low possibility of errors as it is done online and also, people save money as the processing fee of eChecks is very low. So with all of these benefits, eCheck is even better than credit cards. And now thanks to Big Kratom you can conveniently buy Kratom powder or other kratom products through eChecks.

"We are excited to announce that Big Kratom is now accepting orders via eCheck." 

-Edward Martin(CEO)

If you want to know more about the company or to procure their products, contact them through 512-575-3210 or visit their website via

About Company:

Big Kratom is located in Luling, Texas (about 50 miles south of Austin, TX and 58 miles east of San Antonio, TX). Their high-quality premium kratom is sourced straight from plantations and farms deep in the jungles of Southeast Asia. There is no intermediary, the kratom goes from the jungles, to them and then to their loyal customers.

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Company Name: Big Kratom
Contact Person: Edward Martin
Contact No: 512-575-3210
Country: United States