Is Kratom Legal in Estonia? Find out now!

Is Kratom Legal in Estonia? Find out now!

Posted by Edward W. on Oct 15th 2018

We got the question "is kratom legal in Estonia" recently so we did some research on it and it appears that Kratom is illegal in Estonia. Here is the link to the .pdf that has it listed:

You can hit Ctrl + f and type in the work kratom to jump to the section that has it listed. 

So no, it appears that Kratom is not legal in Estonia.

We also heard from someone that told us it is actually prescribed in Estonia but we cannot confirm whether or not this is true. If anyone reading this knows, let us know. That sounds very interesting and we would love to here more about it.

One Estonian actually said that they ordered some Kratom tablets off of eBay and that it made it thru customs and got delivered buy that he had to pay a 20% tax on it. Never the less, the Kratom was delivered to him.

Let us know in the comments you have any more information about the legality of Kratom in Estonia.