Is Kratom Safe? - Let's Look at The Facts

Is Kratom Safe? - Let's Look at The Facts

Posted by Edward W. on Jul 18th 2018

How safe is Kratom?

Believe it or not, Kratom is pretty safe. Let us take a look at the facts for a second.

Kratom is a natural tree that grows in the wild and thrives in tropical climates, mostly in Southeast Asia to be exact. 

There are an abundance of jungles and forests where kratom grows naturally and has been from the beginning of time. 

guy wearing kratom leaves as hat

Kratom is not mixed with any chemicals like almost ALL illegal drugs are. Do you know what's in cocaine? 

Here's a few ingredients: drain de-clogging agents, gasoline, diesel, concrete, etc. Look it up on YouTube some time. You get where I'm going with that.

coacain making items

Kratom is not made in a lab by scientists putting chemicals together to create a drug to sell to the public. 

Nope it's not, it grows naturally in the wild, nothing is added to kratom, if you purchase kratom that does have additives in it, then you should find somewhere else to buy your kratom.

scientist making drugs

Kratom leaves are picked by farmers and then set out on a flat surface to dry in the sun. 

After they've dried long enough they are turned into a fine micro powder and then shipped to vendors who package it and sell it (I'll get into more details on exactly how kratom powder is made another time).

kratom leaves spread out on the ground drying

You know what else, kratom is a cousin to the coffee plant, what does that tell you right away. 

How dangerous is coffee, pretty dangerous huh? Yeah right, the worst thing that's going to happen to you is you might get the shakes after drinking a whole pot by yourself. 

cartoon of guy drinking coffee

Like drinking too much coffee, about the worst think that is going to happen to you if you take too much kratom is getting an upset stomach, sleepy, or jittery feeling (aka the wobbles). 

About the only difference is that it takes much less kratom than it does coffee to get the desired effects. Just like coffee kratom has been taken by the locals in the areas where it has grown naturally for THOUSANDS of years.

I hope this clears up any questions you may have had about how safe kratom is. 

Kratom On, my friends!