Kratom Strains Chart - Colors and Effects

Kratom Strains Chart - Colors and Effects

Posted by Edward W. on Oct 18th 2018

A Simple Kratom Strains Chart of the Types of Kratom

We wanted to put together a chart that displays the types of kratom so to answer a lot of questions that people have about kratom that are not so easy to find.

Every kratom strain has a different affect on different people, so it's really hard to be completely accurate because no two people are the same but this should work as a guiding point for most people. Below you will find a pretty accurate Kratom chart.


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Kratom Strains Chart and Types of Kratom

Whether you are looking for the differences between Green Vein Kratom, Red Vein Kratom, White Vein Kratom, Yellow Vein Kratom or even Gold Kratom, this strains chart should help you out tremendously!

If you don't already know, we will explain in more detail here about how the kratom colors are named. 

The Kratom vein colors come from the veins in the Kratom leaves and not the actual leafy part itself. The Kratom veins are also what gives the different Kratom powders their unique and various colors.

Red vein Kratom is obviously more of a reddish color but did you know that the color comes from the vein of the Kratom leaf.

The maturity of a Kratom plant also plays a major role in the color of the vein. The Kratom leaf vein colors change as the plant ages.

The Kratom vein color cycle goes much like this: When the Kratom plant is young, the Kratom leaf vein colors are more of a red color. When the Kratom plant is in the middle of it's growing cycle the leaves have more of a white color to them. The oldest leaves that are closer to the top of the plant have the green vein colors to them.

If you would like to know more or have any recommendations on our Kratom Strains Chart or the colors and effects, comment below.