The Ohio Pharmacy Board Trying to Ban Kratom

The Ohio Pharmacy Board Trying to Ban Kratom

Posted by Edward W. on Oct 15th 2018

Well, here we are again folks! The Ohio Pharmacy Board is trying to get Kratom scheduled as a class 1 controlled substance. 

Are they really worried about the effects of Kratom or could they just be worried about losing money from people having a natural alternative to get off of dangerous prescription medicines that they get rich off of? What do you guys think the real reason is here?

The American Kratom Association has a petition going around to fight against them making Kratom illegal in Ohio. Please take a moment to sign this petition here:

Even though you may not live in Ohio, you should still sign this petition because if Ohio falls, other states will soon follow. Every single signature helps! Your state could be next.

A Class 1 controlled substance is in the same category as LSD, marijuana and Ecstacy! As you all know, this is absolutely ridiculous in every way.

Fight the good fight people and help by signing that petition from the American Kratom Association.