Pay With ZellePay

Sep 21st 2018

ANYONE with a debit card and checking account can use the ZellePay app!

ZellePay is a Mobile App that lets you send money from one checking account to another with just a few clicks.

You can use the ZellePay app that is built into your banks website OR you can download the ZellePay app from either the Google Play store or the Apple Itunes store and sign up.

If you choose to download the app, here's what to do after it has downloaded:

  1. Open the ZellePay app and enter your phone number.
  2. Enter the validation code that you receive via text/sms.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. Enter the validation code that is sent to your email address (sometimes takes a few minutes).
  5. Finally, it will ask you to select your bank. Just scroll down to the bottom where it says "Don't see your bank?" and then it will ask for your debit card, be sure to use the address that is on file for that card.
  6. Now click "Send" and simply enter our email address . It will ask you "What is this for?", enter your order # for the shipping name.

That's it! Once we receive your payment (many times within minutes) we will notify you by email and ship your order.