The Fight Against Kratom

Jul 28th 2018

I'm just gonna go with what pops in my head with this one. 

Everywhere I look to read kratom news, all is see is negativity about kratom being covered by the media. This is a really sad day and age we live in, where people are puppets and believe and do what they're told is best for them.

Most people I talk to about kratom either have never heard of it or think it's some bad synthetic drug. Damn, it's really sad,
I think we all know who's behind the push to ban kratom everywhere... 

It's the people with money selling prescription drugs. Let's think about this for a minute. 

When you go to the doctors office for whatever reason and ask for something particular, what does your doctor do?

He pulls up a list on his laptop of COMPANIES/MEDICATIONS that he is getting paid to subscribe!

It's no wonder the government and rich are trying so hard to ban kratom, a natural great healing plant that has been proven time and time again to save lives!

Guess what though, the government and rich drug companies cannot tax it because it's a natural plant which can be grown almost anywhere, just like marijuana. Why do you think weed is illegal, it's because they will never be able to get as rich as they are now as quick as they are now because it can be grown!

Alcohol is quite possibly one of the worst drugs available and it's available everywhere, BECAUSE the government is making a killing off of it.