Where does Kratom come from?

Where does Kratom come from?

Posted by Edward W. on Jul 1st 2018

Kratom trees mostly grow in the dense forests and jungles along river banks of Southeast Asia. The warm and wet weather offers the perfect growing enviroment for kratom. 

It has grown in the wild there for ages and the natives there have taken kratom for thousands of years by simply picking and chewing on the kratom leaves. It has only recently become popular all of the world due to it's euphoric, pain relieving and sedative properties. 

Some even call this the "new age herbal gold rush" due to the amount of attention it has gained in the recent years.

Kratom Farm

Present day, because of the incredible amount of attention that kratom has garnered, not only does kratom grow in the wild, it is also being farmed in plantations deep in the jungles of Asia

Many of the locals there actually make a living from cultivating their kratom crops, there of plantations all over. The farmers pick the leaves by hand and then wash and dry them by hanging them up.

Hand Picking Out of Harvest

Here's a short video that shows one of the kratom farms in Asia.