Yellow Borneo Kratom Capsules

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Yellow Borneo Capsules Review

You can now buy Yellow Borneo Kratom capsules! 50 Capsules in the bottle and each capsule weighs approximately .615 Grams.

Our Yellow Borneo Kratom grows in the sacred jungles of Borneo before being harvested by the local villagers and sent directly to us, Big Kratom.

The Borneo villagers take the green vein and red vein leaves and use a secret drying method that actually alters the alkaloids content in the kratom that helps give the yellowish color.

This Yellow Borneo Kratom powder offers up some serious deep relaxation and euphoria sensation. It has an amazingly distinct scent that's very different than the other yellow kratom strains.

Yellow Borneo is a great strain for mornings and afternoons.

Yellow Borneo effects

Pain Relief - Relaxation - Energy

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